Surrey Curtains Guide for the Perfect Window Treatment

One of the vital purchasing decisions when decorating a room is what curtains to buy. Any decorator will tell you that curtains made a room, but only when selected appropriately. Homeowners can choose from a host of window treatment options based on fabric and colour, length and lining, and off-the-shelf versus custom-made. It is easy to be overwhelmed with so many decisions to make, but you can use the following guidelines to find the right Surrey curtains for your home.  

Handmade versus off-the-shelf

Off the shelf curtains are affordable and offer a great solution to every user’s furnishing needs, though there are several clear benefits why you would opt for handmade curtains in Surrey, instead.

First, users can customize the dimensions to their window size and create a tailored look for a perfect fit. In many cases when shopping for curtains, the curtains tend to be too narrow or too wide, or too short or too long. So, many people tend to buy the ones that are excessively long or wide, and adjust them later. However, this process can be labour intensive, and you risk ruining the curtains. Using handmade Surrey curtains, on the other hand, gives you peace of mind they will be a perfect fit, since they were made according to your specific measurements.

Second, custom panels come in a wide range of design options, including fabric, pattern, colour, and header style, which allows you to get those that match your home décor perfectly.

Third, custom curtains are made to last. This does not necessarily mean that off the shelf curtains are not durable, but custom made items have the benefit of extra attention to detail. The user has more control over the look of the final product, and any imperfections can be corrected immediately. Mass produced products do not always have the same level of service.

While custom curtains have a clear advantage over off-the-shelf panels, the variety and choice they offer comes in a substantial price difference, so you must ensure that they fit your budget.

Colour and fabric

Whether purchasing handmade or off the shelf curtains, homeowners have to choose the fabric that they want, since it determines how effectively the curtain performs its primary functions, as well as how well it holds up over time. If they are too light, they may not fall well; conversely, they may not fold neatly when drawn if they are too heavy. Experts recommend that users pleat a big piece of fabric at the top – like an accordion – and let it drape to see how it falls. Depending on how it looks, you can determine whether it will be pleasing on your windows.

When choosing the colour, it is important to consider how much light your rooms receive. Too much sunlight fades fabrics faster over time, so it is advisable to avoid bright colours and, instead, use neutral colours. That said, fading should not be a big issue for homeowners who like to change the décor of their rooms regularly.

When purchasing surrey curtains, you may want to go for silk, linen, velvet, or faux silk, because they hang well, and neutral colours, because they are less likely to fade, and tend to blend into any room’s décor.