Keeping your windows clean!

Think of the windows and the first thought that comes in your mind is fresh air and good scenic view. But there is more to add to it according to the famous Feng Shui’s spatial arrangement system. Doors and windows are key areas of the house to invite the ‘chi’ energy and circulate in the entire house. They are practically the eyes of a house and serve as a gateway for the positive and negative energies.

So, the windows should be large enough and the area besides the windows should not be clogged with heavy pieces of furniture to let fresh air in. And if you want to invite the chi energy off course your windows should not be broken or grimy, instead they should be clean with a clear view. But keeping windows spick and span every time is not an easy task and cleaning the windows may not be everyone’s favourite activity.

Here are a few simple and handy household tips suggested to have cleaner windows:

  • You can use vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the windows at first.
  • Do not wash the windows when there is direct sunlight as the water may dry faster leaving stains on the window.
  • Use warm water instead of cold as the sticky dirt dissolves faster in warm water.
  • Change the water used for cleaning frequently as the dirt dissolved in the water may again form scum on the glass.
  • Use rubbing alcohol for effective cleaning. Do not use any other material containing alcohol as it may damage the glass.
  • Remember if you have tainted or textured glass windows, do not use a squeegee.
  • You can use a thick paper towel at the end of the washing process for rubbing the glass. This will give a shinier look and remove the small stains left behind after washing.
  • You can use half cup vinegar in two liters of warm water and use it as a cleanser instead of soap solutions.
  •  If you are planning to use a soap solution make sure you do not use too much of soap as it may be difficult to remove the soap and you may end up with soap stains on the window glass.


These were a few simple tips to follow while cleaning the windows. But keeping the house gleaming all the time may not be possible especially when you are a working couple. So you must think of hiring cleaning services either monthly or weekly. By doing this you can enjoy some extra time with your family.


What will the service provider charge me?

This is a very basic question which every one of you might think at first. There are hundreds of Home cleaning agencies in South Africa which offer cleaning services to residential as well as commercial premises. Usually they offer from R400 to R600 depending upon the number of windows to be cleaned, type of windows, and other window accessories and also the reach ability to the locality. There are also multiple discount schemes available online. Make sure you get a good reputable window washer in to complete your cleaning jobs. Make sure your window cleaning company offers a wide range of services for households as well as commercial premises using the latest cleaning techniques and tools and that too at budget prices. There are many other such service providers which even offer yearly contract services which will help you keep your windows clean all year round.

Type of services the cleaning agencies offer

Apart from window cleaning services they also offer a wide range of services like carpet cleaning, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing for patio, sidewalks, drive way and many such services. Many of these professional service providers have a team of cleaning professionals and they use the latest techniques like Water Fed Pole technology. This ensures that the end result is extra clean and gleaming windows. The main services that they offer during window cleaning are: Window pane cleaning, screen cleaning, sills and track cleaning, mineral deposit cleaning etc. Off course you need to thoroughly negotiate the prices for each particular service to get a best rate.

Safety aspect

The latest systems like telescopic poles have made the cleaning services safer. This has also minimised the use of ladders which are the main cause of accidents. Most of the service providers use pure water for cleaning the windows to safeguard the areas such as households, ponds, gardens which may be affected. These agencies make use of the latest tools which are safer and consume less time.

It is thus simpler and makes your life easier and glimmer when you hire these specialised services not only for your windows but also for the entire house or offices. Clean windows give you a better look at the world outside so clean them regularly and fix them if broken and see a better world!!!!