Clean Your Home with a Steam Mop

Consider the steam mop: for the past four decades technology has changed quicker than a blink of an eye (that is if you were the ancient cosmos itself and time in itself was nothing more than just a short break from existence) as media has been broadcasted from ham radios to tiny black & white televisions to televisions with color, from massive stoves to small convenient ovens, from massive desktops to laptops that were eventually replaced with flat screened computers that fit in the pocket.

Yes, technology has changed for the best, and one is never ahead in the game for long when it comes to having the latest gadgets. Even cleaning has been revolutionized as traditional mops and buckets have been replaced by the futuristic steam mops. No more pushing dirt, squeezing mop heads to extract dirty water, and replacing dirty water for clean, as steam mops have taken over. So what exactly is a steam mop and how does it work?

A steam mop is simply an electronic device that only requires electricity and water to operate. While using electricity it does become a powerful benefit as opposed to the traditional mops, even the wet Swiffer-style mops. Have you ever wondered exactly how such a small, simple, but inventive device could clean so perfectly with little effort?

The steam mop has a small water reservoir that heats stored water, and converts it to steam. Once this process is complete it extracts steam from the water toward the cleaning cloth/pad. In order for the steam to be produced from the mop the handle must be pumped or a button pushed. Do you remember after you used a traditional mop to clean the floor you had to wait for it to dry? With steam mops, the heat produced from the machine is so hot it dries automatically after a sweep.

What sets steam mops from the traditional mop is that instead of pushing dirt away it holds it to prevent smearing as well.