The Best Tree Lopping Services in Perth

Trees and hedges can add a great deal of value to your property, they can also bring a serene ambiance and much needed shade to your garden.

Considering how long trees and hedges take to bloom into their full shape, it’s only logical that you should start with the most professional assistance you can find. From cutting and pruning, to tree lopping and stump removal, employing the services of a highly experienced arborist is an essential part of making your trees and hedges attractive and safe.

And aside from the appearance of your property and garden, there is another important reason why you should employ the proper maintenance for your trees, and that’s safety.

No matter whether you’re living in an urban or rural environment, poorly maintained, or unsuitable trees, not only look out of place they are also a hazard.

Hazardous trees can be indirect cause of power cuts, damage to homes, drains, cars and fires, typically as a result of strong storms, and especially lightning. However the danger isn’t only with falling trees, even limbs and branches that have already fallen can be a danger to remove, especially when lying around, or caught on, electricity lines or plumbing pipes.

Many people may take it upon themselves to remove broken or felled parts of trees, however this can easily result in injury and even death. Tree lopping and removal often involves working with heights and awkward large tree parts that can be too heavy for one person to lift. This combination of factors makes the job extremely dangerous, and one that should be conducted with the utmost care and attention.

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tree loppingThe Tree Firm was set up by Paul Vickers, a tremendously skilled arborist with almost two decades of experience in the industry. With Mr. Vickers at the helm and a motivated, skilled workforce behind him, The Tree Firm are a proficient team that focus on both customer service and getting the job done efficiently.

So if your trees need pruning, lopping, removing or thinning, the head on over to The Tree Firm’s website to organize a free site assessment and quote today, with absolutely no obligation to commit.