Behind the Scenes at Ancient Olive Trees, Purveyors of Mature Olive Trees

We get questions all of the time about how we started our business, Ancient Olive Trees. The answer is pretty simple: we got our start by transporting large, full-grown olive trees from our Corning, CA grove, to locations throughout the Western US for a diverse range of clients. Resorts, private homeowners, commercial centers and other customers relied on us to gently transport beautiful mature olive trees and install them at a site of their choosing.olive trees

Our unique logo comes from our original business of moving old olive trees throughout the Western US.  We worked with Verizon for a television commercial where one of our trees was lowered onto an island with a helicopter. A photo of this was the inspiration of the label that we have today.

Quite a few folks don’t realize that we also make olive oil from fruit direct from our northern California orchard. Combining the history of our trees with the modern planting and machine-harvesting, we are able to produce some of the finest oils.  All of our olives are pressed within hours of picking to guarantee unparalleled flavor and texture with unique characteristics for each vintage.  The oil has a deep green hue; both fruity and verdant flavored, with notes of lime & freshly mowed late summer grass.   Surprisingly broad and sappy on the palate, but the bristling acidity ties it all together.


We are honored to be part of this new revolution of premium California Olive Oils and hope we can continue to grow this brand into a line of respected line of products.  While mission-driven and passion-filled, Ancient Olive Trees is a highly commercial enterprise with excellent positioning to meet consumer and customer needs with product and category flexibility that will allow for sustainable growth near and longer-term.


While the company is, and will continue to be, grounded in producing healthy food products, interactivity and education enabled by the brand will be facets of the business that will be developed over time. Stop by our website and learn more about our mature specimen olive trees for sale as well as our tasty and versatile olive oil.