Using a Power Flush

Where has the concept of power flushing come from? Since October 1999 there has been legislation put in place for the instillation, commissioning and servicing of domestic central heating systems. In this code of practice it stated that all new systems should be pre-commissioned cleansed to remove instillation debris and existing systems should be cleaned to remove accumulated sludge and Lyme scale deposits, to restore heat transfer and system efficiency.

Both internal and external influence have affected the industry’s’ view on system maintenance however, the alternations to the systems themselves have had the largest impact. Continual advances in boiler, pump and control valve technology have increased the efficiency of central heating systems.

This is not all good news however! This means that the new central heating systems are more susceptible to the negative effects of secondary corrosion damage and scale deposition. As a result; cold spots on radiators, the frequent need of venting radiators and boiler noise are common problems of an untreated, incorrectly cleaned heating systems.

Power flushing reduces the amount of time a tradesman has to spend in your house, with usually only one visit needing to take place to complete the clean and the results are immediate!

The Fernox Powerflow flushing unit is manufactured from high quality materials and is powered by a 370 Watt Grundfos pump made from stainless steel; this means the unit is corrosion resistant and can be used with acid descalers. A circulation rate of up to 80 litres a minute ensures that even small bore or even micro bore systems are flushed effectively! Underfloor, solar and CHP systems can all be successfully power flushed using this unit.

A dump rate of 35 litres a minute enables the water in a typical 10 radiator system to be changed in less than five minutes, significantly reducing the time required on site! It can also, when twinned with Fernox Cleansers means that the Powerflow can remove baked on corrosion and Lyme scale faster than any other machine. It also comes with a reverse flow option to reduce debris impacting valves and ensures increased efficiency when cleaning.

Every precaution has been made with this machine to reduce the chance of back flow and comes with every hose preassembled to make things easy on you and is guaranteed to provide you with years of trouble free use!

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