Hardwood Floor Vacuums

A glimmer of the sun’s rays penetrates through the white blinds and ricochets off neatly aligned, wooden furniture and a television that sits idle on a stand. The most noticeable of the home’s contents that the sun’s rays illuminate are the hardwood floors. There is an enjoyment when looking at the clean abode that looks as if it came out of an interior design magazine, and then it hits you, there’s dirt and debris on the floor. While there are many vacuums that can clean this mess – including the best robot vacuum – there are a few that stand out. Before the hardwood vacuums to use are listed, it is best to list what to look for when it comes to cleaning this floor with a vacuum.

There are features to look for when it comes to hardwood. The first feature is when it comes to cleaning hardwood floor, use a vacuum that either lacks a cleaning brush or has an on/off brush switch. It sounds like a great idea at first to have a cleaning brush attached to a vacuum to sweep dirt and debris in; however, such a feature that works great on carpet will only scatter the dirt and debris rather suctioning it. Not to mention, brushes on vacuums can also scratch the surface of hardwood floors.

The second feature is to make sure the vacuum has a light weight as there is a need to neither scratch nor dent the surface of hardwood. The third feature is to make sure the vacuum comes with a long attachment to reach hard to reach places underneath furniture where dust collects. The fourth feature is to use a vacuum that is bag-less. Vacuums with bags are okay when cleaning hardwood floors; however, the lack the suction power that bag-less vacuums have. However, for those who suffer from allergies may want to use a bagged vacuum, just remember the suction is not as powerful as those with bag-less bins.

While there are many vacuums that can be used, there are specific vacuums that stand out. These vacuums come with the features explained above that make sure to leave a clean, dent-free, scratch-free hardwood floor that’s easy on the eyes. The 81L2T Bissell PowerEdge, SH20030 Hoover Corded Cyclonic, SD20000RED Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik, and Hoover Linx Cordless are great stick vacuums that can clean hardwood. Vacuums like the Eureka 3670 Mighty Mite and the Miele S2121 Olympus are great canisters to use. The Mint Automatic (4200) Hard Floor cleaner is a great robot vacuum to operate that, unlike other vacuums is incredible quiet and is great for pets. The handheld vacuum like the Bissell Pet hair eraser (33A1) that is corded works great as it can clean rugs that are on the hardwood floor as well.

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