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Real estate market in Slovenia: selection details and basic procedures

Buying a property in Slovenia in 2022 promises not only the joy of some of the most beautiful beaches and the crystal clear air of the mountain resorts but also a large number of bureaucratic actions and pitfalls you need to know to conduct and have no problems with a big investment. Real estate in Slovenia is relatively cheap but it’s always good not to go wrong.

It will not be difficult to find internet real estate agencies specializing in the sale of houses, apartments, and land in Slovenia. For greater safety, therefore, choose real estate agencies that:

• are members of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Commonwealth of Real Estate Agents (Economic Chamber of Slovenia – Association of Real Estate Agents);

• have a state license from the Ministry of the Environment and Land Planning (Ministry of the Environment and Land Planning);

• insure all real estate transactions.

The first steps for buying a property in Slovenia

Sign a collaboration agreement with the agency. From the first to the last step on the road to getting to your property, this agreement will be a measure and a guide for all parties to the agreement in every possible situation, so:

• verifies the completeness and correctness of the data of the parties specified in the contract;

• describe in detail all terms of cooperation, rights, responsibilities and responsibilities;

• record the size and payment methods for real estate services.

Once the contract is signed, entrust the agency with the task of finding the house, apartment, or land of your dreams and describing your wishes for future owners as much as possible.

buying real estate in Slovenia
When buying real estate in Slovenia sign a collaboration agreement with the agency.

Offers won’t keep you waiting.

You will be able to evaluate the options suggested above via photos and some agencies may even offer a virtual video tour of the property. After selecting one or more of the best options, you can go to Slovenia to see the property with your own eyes.

The invitation to Slovenia for the buyer in this situation is issued by the seller or the real estate agency.

Buying a property in Slovenia: the independent search

Independent search for accommodation is possible, but it should be understood that, firstly, there are also scammers in Slovenia, and secondly, before depositing a deposit or signing any document, it is necessary to carry out a legal check of the documents. existence of liens and claims of third parties, as a seller.

These checks are done automatically by each solid real estate agency for each transaction and include the value in their commission. Therefore, even if you have found a house, an apartment, or a piece of land on your own, for your safety and tranquility it will be better to entrust the entire process of preparing and concluding the agreement to professionals.

looking for real estate in Slovenia
If you are looking for real estate in Slovenia, it will be better to entrust the entire process of preparing and concluding the agreement to professionals.

For those looking for real estate offers on their own, we recommend that you pay attention to real estate auctions in Slovenia: these events are periodically organized by the local administration of the settlements.

Market overview and prices for buying property in Slovenia

Considering the cost of accommodation in Slovenia in 2022, first of all, decide if you want to live by the sea or near the ski resorts; are you attracted to the state capital of Ljubljana with its European style and standard of living, or do you prefer a house with land away from the chaos, where you can relax and, for example, take care of your vineyard? The cost of an apartment in the Slovenian capital and in the suburbs can vary 2-3 times.

Buy an apartment in Ljubljana
Buy an apartment in Ljubljana if are you attracted to the state capital of Ljubljana with its European style and standard of living.

The most famous of Slovenia’s seaside resorts – Portoroz – is located on the Adriatic coast. The building area here is very limited and the demand is high, which is why the prices are high. The apartment will cost from 250 thousand euros, a terraced house or a small house – from 500 thousand, a spacious house or a villa – from 800 thousand euros.

Fans of medieval exotics should pay attention to the town of Piran, located a 10-minute drive from Portorož. Here you can buy an apartment for rent in a historic building 300 meters from the sea for 150 thousand euros.

Buying a property in Ljubljana

Buying an apartment in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, its commercial and tourist center, is usually planned by Ukrainians who want to start a business, find a job, or send their children to study at a local university. Property prices in Ljubljana start at 2,000 euros per square meter.

My Apartment In Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The price level in the capital depends on the prestige of the area, the proximity of the tourist buses, and the distance from the city center. Prices per square meter in the districts of Shishka, Vich or Bezhigrad are higher, while the demand for real estate remains high. The popularity of these areas is conditioned by the developed infrastructure and the European standard of living.

Property for rent in Slovenia

Renting a house in Slovenia can be a good solution for those who intend to spend in the country in a set time, or for those who are in the process of choosing the object of the purchase and preparing the documents.

Read about the Common Architectural Styles of Houses for Sale in Slovenia in the article at the link if you are interested in buying, but can’t decide what style to choose.