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Greener Ways To Clean Carpet Stains

Carpets are tough to clean, you can’t always be there for every spillage, but the ones you are there for you can take immediate steps to help stop a stain from forming and lingering on for life. But what about if you have animals or children running about?

Some of the cleaning chemicals available at the supermarket can be harsh and unusable if you’re worried about babies and puppies licking or eating the foaming cleaner or simply just having their skin irritated from the formula. Well there are greener alternatives available and you probably have all the things you need in your kitchen cupboards! Read the rest of this entry »

Designer landscaping

The featured video shows off how you can design your landscape, your home exterior and garden. It is a fairly new concept of managing your landscape and it seems to be on the rise. Professionally made gardens look stunning, save you time and turn some heads. Learn more about it from the video above. I personally see landscape design as proper art that will be on the rise in the future years, as well as become more pocket friendly due to the rise of the supply.

What You Should & Shouldn’t Do During a Home Renovation

In the beginning, the idea of home renovation sounds like such a splendid idea. You get the chance to control the trajectory of the project as well as applying your own creative license to your home or property. You finally have the chance to literally create your dream home, and who could blame you for being so excited? What many don’t realize at the beginning of their journey into home renovation is that there can be a lot of malfunctions, frustration, and danger associated with home renovation. Read through this article and make sure you have covered all your bases before you being renovation. Read the rest of this entry »